An Immersive Augmented Reality Experience at the National Archaeological Museum of Florence

MAF360 is a groundbreaking augmented reality app designed to provide an immersive exploration of the National Archaeological Museum of Florence. This innovative application offers detailed virtual tours of the museum’s various sections and its masterpieces, bringing history to life with unprecedented clarity.

With MAF360, visitors can delve into the stories behind ancient artefacts, viewing them in the context of their original locations. This augmented reality tool enriches traditional displays with comprehensive historical, geographical, and social contexts, enhancing the educational experience.

Supported by the CR Florence Foundation MAF360 integrates cutting-edge digital technologies to attract a diverse audience, including individuals with disabilities and school groups. The app has been developed for Reon Studio, leveraging their expertise in cultural communication and digital solutions.


  • 360° Virtual Tours: Navigate the museum's halls and corridors from your smartphone or desktop.
  • Augmented Reality (AR): Access detailed information about exhibits by scanning codes near the artefacts.
  • Educational Focus: Special content designed for younger audiences, including a video titled “A Journey Called MAF.”
  • Accessibility: Free to use on iOS and Android devices, compatible with iOS 13.0+ and Android 10+.

MAF360 enhances the museum visit with interactive and engaging digital content, making the rich history of one of Italy’s foremost archaeological museums accessible to all.

Visit the National Archaeological Museum of Florence website for more details.

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