Who Am I?

After graduating in Computer Science, I spent five years (2006 - 2010) focusing on research and technology transfers of projects regarding interactive environments, multi-touch surfaces, and tangible interaction at MICC, University of Florence, Italy, a research center and PhD school.

In my role as a project manager, I led projects related to software prototypes and real-world applications for Public Administration and private companies. These projects covered the following topics:

  • Interactive solutions for public spaces: systems for the use of complex information and their integration with the digital ecosystem of smart cities.
  • Technical equipment: Human-Machine Interfaces (HMI), industrial interfaces, and document management.
  • Knowledge organization: collaborative systems and multi-user interactive surfaces that enable teamwork for briefings, activity plans, and brainstorming sessions.

Selected Works (2010-2016):

As an independent consultant I worked on industrial and special projects:

  • General Electric Transportation Systems: large screen multi-touch application used in InnoTrans fair: a product showcase application with large collection of images, video, interactive 3D model and value proposition applications.
  • Firenze Turismo iOS application: the official tourism guide to the Province of Florence. It is part of INFOCITY project, co-funded by the Italian Department for Regional Affairs within ELISA program.
  • Multi-user interactive table for neuro cognitive and neuro motor rehabilitation. This project concerns the design and development of a multi-touch system that provides innovative tools for neuro cognitive and neuro motor rehabilitation for senile diseases.
  • Traffic Flow Analysis: a mobile/web platform that provides analytics and insights about the flow of vehicles and people in smart cities with Magenta Srl.

2012 - Today:

2016 - Today:

  • Head of Software Development for Rebel Alliance Srl
  • Development, UI Design and software architecture of GIS battlefield management systems and realtime 3D simulation applications for Windows and iOS (.NET / Unity).
  • Currently in use by AVES (Italian Army aviation), Guardia di Finanza, Soccorso Alpino Lombardo.
  • Team management of the software development and QA teams, handling tasks, issue tracking and a complete continuous delivery system.