My teaching activities regard multimedia production and design, sound design and the field of new interactive technologies applied to Cultural Heritage


  • [2014] IUAV – Master in Interactive Media for Interior Design: Professor of Interaction Design
  • [2013] IUAV, MeLa Lab: Professor of Interaction Design
  • [2010] Faculty of Architecture, University of Florence: Invited Professor of Multimedia Design
  • [2009] Faculty of Engineering, University of Florence: Lecturer for Multimedia Production
  • [2006 - today] Master in Multimedia Content Design, University of Florence: Invited Professor of Sound Design
  • [2008] Pegaso Network / Regione Toscana: Invited Professor of Sound Design
  • [2008] Space S.p.A. / Regione Sardegna (EU founded): Invited Professor of Interactive New Technologies applied to Museology.