Face to Face Interaction

Nicola Torpei started his experiences on interactive tabletop during research activities at MICC, University of Florence, Italy. He spent five years focused on research and technology transfers of projects regarding interactive environments, multi-touch surfaces and tangible interaction.

Face to Face Interaction works on design and development of multi-touch applications for diverse industries: retail, television broadcasting, healthcare, neuropsychological rehabilitation, military defence, local government, document management, naval industry, luxury fashion, museums, educational.
Multi-touch / multi-user applications design & development; User interface  and User experience (UI / UX) prototyping; Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), XAML, .Net 4.0, Silverlight, Microsoft Surface, Windows Phone 7.


http://nicolatorpei.net (portfolio)
http://morpheus.micc.unifi.it (research portfolio)


Face to Face Interaction
Via del Casone 3 rosso, 50124, Firenze – Italy
office: +39 329 4125901